Solstice People 2014 Book is released

We had the release party last night for the 2014 Solstice People Book and SOLD OUT!  Granted I didn’t print hundreds but demand exceeded supply.  Fortunately I’m using high quality on-demand printing so if you can’t wait you can order a book at the same price of $30 and as a bonus get a digital version at no charge (or just get the digital version for $9.50).  Print time is two days and shipping can be next day (but expensive for that).  It’s 90 pages this year and 50% of the proceeds benefit the Summer Solstice Celebration.  If you would like yours signed message me and treat me to coffee and a pop tart at The French Press.
Solstice People 2014 Book
This all began in 2010 with an idea: photograph the Solstice People in studio, at the start of the parade – they’ll be in character, freshly made-up, ready to launch up State Street. Now in it’s 5th year, the portrait project in these pages are truly the embodiment of the spirit of the summer solstice celebration in Santa Barbara.

Solstice People 2014 Book

The project began as I looked for a way to really do justice to the great costumes and characters….photographing as a bystander was not enough – there are plenty of people out there with cameras. I wanted to create fun portraits that tell the story of the people that come together every year to put together something really special for the Santa Barbara community. These photographs were taken over the course of three hours on June 21, 2014, just before all launched up State St in celebration with tens of thousands. Solstice People 2014 BookSolstice People 2014 BookSolstice People 2014 BookSolstice People 2014 Book

SolsticePeople 2014

It’s the 5th year of this personal project –  a fundraiser with a book and gallery show each year.  I do portraits in studio of these crazy characters before they launch up State St among tens of thousands. Hundreds of crazy costumes,  all freshly made up, in costume, in character and full of adrenaline.  A great wacky slice of life in Santa Barbara.

The book proceeds from the photoshoot and gallery show all benefit the community and solstice celebration.  A reception for this year’s event (and book signing) will take place July 3rd in Santa Barbara.

Here’s a gallery from previous years shoots of SolsticePeople.  And a first look at a scene from yesterday’s shoot:

Summer Solstice Santa Barbara-  Solstice People 2014

Testing in Medium Format

With Phase One’s IQ250 digital back and the Schneider 150mm lens – a great combo though I really prefer the feel of the Hasselblad body with the same Phase back.   Either way it’s definitely a more considered pace than shooting with 35mm.  I have two medium format film kits – Pentax 6×7 and Rollei 6×6 – it will be interesting to compare.  From what I’ve been hearing the Leaf backs with the “Leaf Look” are close to my ideal – smooth and subtle tonal transitions.   But playing with the smaller 33x44mm Sony sensor (50Megapixel CMOS, not CCD) feels pretty good.  It’s not about pixel density it’s about color, tones, focus fall-off and workflow.Phase One IQ250 back and Schneider 150mmPhase One IQ250 back and Schneider 150mmPhase One IQ250 back and Schneider 150mm

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